Delivery pre-planning, selecting sites for deliveries

Distribution Manager Advisor application which enables to determine sites and tanks for a delivery process. It provides visual tools that help a decision making planner to generate orders based on the latest tank levels and site consumption statistics and plan routes that cover all locations that need a delivery and can be processed further by a logistic system.

Web Portal

Data browsing, end user data presentation

The application is used to visualize measurements archived in the database of an IMR server. It also enables the user to access the management mechanisms like creating new locations, modifying the locations or adding the meter. Web Portal application is accessed by a web browser.

SGM Manager

Customer billing, Tariff setting, prepaid management.

Powerful management tools enabling the user to control the gas consumption, perform billing services and manage the locations and devices. The applications helps to perform every action step by step and tackle the problem in a relatively short period of time. SGM provides the following functionality: Site details, Measurements browsing, Open & close the cut - off valve, Switch between credit and prepaid, Browse available tariffs, Create & edit tariff details, Assigning tariff for site, See tariff history for site, Billing reports, Web data access, SMS messaging, Integration with ERP


serviceman tools

Application that enables to manage commands and collect readouts from telemetry devices installed on gas meters. Used in Walk-By System, the application, paired with ARANGE 6070, realizes bidirectional communication with telemetry devices (e.g. Apulse) and subsequently, sends the data to a back-office server. Additionally, the application is used to register Apulse X3,OKO X3 and OKO I504 devices in the system. As collector moves around, acquired readouts are streamed on-line to back-office server with 3G uplink interface. SITA shows progress on a map indicating which sites remain to be covered by the collector. If there is no Internet connection in the area, the data are gathered in the internal database and transferred to the default system once any Internet connection is active.