LP Gas Tank Monitoring


ALEVEL 2F5 is a smart level sensor combined with mechanical dial that can be installed on standard float arm gauge. With built-in hall sensor the module detects the magnetic dial position. Once per day ALEVEL 2F5 sends LP Gas level via Sigfox or Lora low power network. Alternatively ALEVEL 2F5 can work with OKO5575 (GSM). In case of tank filling, very low or very high level, transmission is triggered immediately.

alevel 02f5

OKO 5X75

OKO 5x75 is a battery powered, ATEX certified, wireless data gateway that collects data from up to 6 ALEVEL devices in range. The data from the past few months are stored and transferred over GPRS/SMS to acquisition server periodically (e.g. daily at a specified time). Transmitted data are encrypted and authenticated with AES symmetrical algorithm using 128bit key.

Distributors can integrate IMR Remote Tank Monitoring System with their own inventory management and logistics systems. Data from OKO 5x75 are delivered to distributor’s IT system in preferred format what facilitates the work with extensive reporting of daily levels and consumption.

oko 5x75

Remote LPG tank monitoring with consumption control

AIUT has designed and developed an innovative solution to support LPG distributors and optimize gas supply. Dedicated for individual customers with domestic LPG tanks our state of the art telemetry system enables to monitor the gas usage remotely and ensures reliable, on-time delivery.

Remote LPG Tank Monitoring with consumption control has been proven to significantly save deliveries, improve efficiencies and at the same time increase customer satisfaction. Remote valve control helps to reduce the costs of hard execution and promotes good payment behaviour among consumers.

remote OKO I575

HeadEnd System for data acquisition, analitics, and presentation

It’s a high class application developed for readouts, configuration and communication management. Designed to meet business requirements, the platform supports devices using various communication protocols.

imr hes