Smart Gas Metering Residential - Clustered


APULSE X3x5 is a universal wireless data logger with built-in pulse detector that can be installed on new or existing diaphragm meters. The device registers consumption profile as well as magnet and tamper detection. Once per day APULSE X3x5 sends the data via Sigfox or Lora low power network. The data logger is designed for walk-by gas metering as well as fixed metering what makes it the most cost effective solution for individual housing, dense urban and block of flats.
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OKO 5xx5 is a universal radio data collector and GPRS gateway designed to establish fully automatic readout and data transfer from residential gas meters to back office server. It is an autonomous, battery powered communication device that can be conveniently installed both outdoors and indoors (e.g. hallway, lamp post, building structure). The gateway is designed for fixed (clustered) metering what makes it the most cost effective solution for individual housing, dense urban ares and block of flats.

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OLAN I5F5 is a data logger dedicated for Elster BK G4 gas meter equipped with internal valve. The device registers consumption profile as well as magnet and tamper detection. Once per day OLAN I5F5 send the data via Lora low power network. The data logger allows remote control of the valve which enables to facilitate the payment execution. It is designed for walk-by gas metering as well as fixed metering which makes it the most cost effective solution for individual housing, dense urban and block of flats.


HeadEnd System for data acquisition, analitics, and presentation

It’s a high class application developed for readouts, configuration and communication management. Designed to meet business requirements, the platform supports devices using various communication protocols.

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