Already in operation over:

80 000 Tank Monitoring Systems
300 000 Smart Meters
500 Petrol Stations

AIUT Telemetry Department, together with Automation, Robotics and IT Systems, is one of the key areas of the company. For over 10 years the department has conducted research and development work as well as implemented innovative monitoring and data management systems dedicated for:

  • Individual, commercial & industrial metering systems
  • Tank monitoring and Fuel/LPG distribution planning
  • Management of fuel stocks at petrol stations
  • Pressure monitoring in gas network

The abovementioned fields cover the following activities:

  • Designing and manufacturing of wireless, battery powered communication and measurement devices allowed for use in explosion hazardous areas
  • Designing, integration and implementation of advanced data management system and supporting the decision-making processes
  • Monitoring the consumption, GPRS/SMS communication services, software delivery.
  • At present Telemetry Department employs over 100 highly qualified engineers and specialists in R&D, production, logistics and sales& marketing areas.